Beyond Exhibitions and Education: A Handbook for Academic Museums, Volume 2

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Beyond Exhibitions and Education is the second of three volumes in the acclaimed Handbook for Academic Museums series,  which gathers together good current thinking on the opportunities and issues unique to museums with an academic role. The result is a collection of best practices, innovations, and sound approaches that offer guidance and inspiration for the entire community, large and small, well-endowed and modestly-resourced alike. 

This substantial handbook (616 pages) is - above all - a practical resource and addresses the strategic issues of mission, the relationship to the governing organization, phases of birth and growth of academic museums, new technologies, and the collection as an "asset" of the parent organization.

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Subjects: Education, Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums

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  • Editor: Stefanie S Jandl and Mark S Gold
  • Publisher: MuseumsEtc.
  • ISBN: 978-1-910144-46-6

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