Photography, portraiture and textiles

A Global Discussion
Aesthetica, October/November 2020

Striking Composition
Aesthetica, October/November 2020

Vivid Depiction
Aesthetica, August/September 2020

A New Conversation
Aesthetica, June/July 2020

Intimate Portraiture
Aesthetica, August/September 2020

Powerful Storytelling
Aesthetica, December/January 2019

The Art of Everywhere
Apollo, July/Aug 2013

Ancient Made New
Apollo, July/Aug 2011

Liberation is not Deliverance
Art Africa, Sept 2017

Mahlangu in Concealed Colour
Art Africa, March 2020

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Art Monthly, October 2017

Black Artists in British Art
Art Monthly, May 2015

Trinidad and Tobago
Art Monthly, October 2011

Black Lives Matter
ArtReview & ArtReview Asia, December 2020

Silo mentality
Blueprint, 355

Notting Hill's Yaa Centre
Blueprint, 312

Dazed, Autumn 2020

Rest as Revolution
Flash Art Int, Summer 2020

African Textiles
Hali, Summer 2009

Beads Fit for Kings
Hali, Winter 2016

Quilts of Freedom
Selvedge, Issue 71