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Established in 1976, Books Ireland magazine remains the only publication of its kind with a dedicated focus on books of Irish interest, Irish publisher or Irish author. Published bi-monthly, it lists and reviews c. 1000 books per year and is THE essential guide to the world of Irish books and writing.

‘Books Ireland provides a breathing space, a garden if you will, where literature may continue to be valued for its own sake and discussed and appreciated in a climate of intellectual freedom and relaxation.’ - Eamonn Kelly, playwright and award-winning short-storyist.

Latest Issue

We are delighted to announce that respected critic and reviewer Eileen Battersby has joined us as a regular contributor. In the first instalment of ‘Eileen’s Eye’, she assesses the life and career of Iris Murdoch, who was born in Ireland but had an ambivalent relationship with her Irish identity. Although usually identified as an English writer, Eileen points out that there are distinct Irish elements in Murdoch’s work.

Following a new partnership with Dalkey Creates Writing Festival and An tOireachtas to promote their respective short-story competitions, we are publishing contributions from Máire Ní Choileáin, winner of the Dalkey Creates competition, and Seán Ó Muireagáin winner of An tOireachtas competition.

A variety of topics are covered in the reviews—from Frederick Douglass in Ireland to the origin of the Northern Troubles, from the letters of J.P. Dunleavy to a defence of idleness. Our regular contributors will be giving us their views on the latest books from début authors, crime, poetry and ‘as Gaeilge’, while the First Flush column covers all the books sent in over the last two months We also look at the Irish film based on a French book and Tony Flynn spends some time finding out about Hampton Books in Dublin’s Donnybrook.

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