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British Archaeology is a bi-monthly magazine that looks in depth at the latest archaeology news, discoveries and research within the UK and from British Archaeologists working overseas.

As the official magazine of the Council for British Archaeology – an educational charity. The established voice for archaeology in the UK, the magazine aims to help readers discover, explore and protect our unique heritage.

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A pioneering study claims to have shown that the large Stonehenge stones were brought from 20 miles to the north of the site, identifying an area at West Woods as the likely source. In an exclusive feature, the research team explain how they did it – including the key role played by their geological studies in Botswana. Other stories to look forward to include a new genomic study of hunters and early farmers in Ireland – the lead scientist conducted direct tests especially for British Archaeology that reflect on the origins of the first farmers to cross into south-east England. Plus Britain’s first Viking helmet, how archaeologists discovered Londoners’ hidden achievement during the Blitz, tips for running archaeology meetings in a time of Covid-19, and all the usual reviews and comment

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Research Areas: Ancient History & Archaeology

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  • First Issue: February 1995
  • Latest Issue: September/October 2020
  • Issue Count: 175
  • Page Count: 8,765
  • Published: Bi-monthly
  • ISSN: 2514-3409

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