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The international magazine of contemporary and historical ceramic art, Ceramic Review, was launched in 1970 by the Craft Potters Association. Since then it has explored and reported on the heritage and changes in trends of ceramics both in the UK and abroad.

Published bi-monthly, the magazine was relaunched two years ago with a crisp new feel to reflect the growing interest in the ceramics world. Combining authoritative features with lavishly illustrated top-quality photography, CR regularly includes in-depth profiles of the most exciting names at work today; features interviews with new names who are making their mark in the field of ceramics; hosts a practical how-to Masterclass series with top ceramists, both in print and online; includes insights from leading auction houses on the latest trends emerging in the world of collecting, alongside the latest news, reviews, exhibitions and events.

An invaluable resource for potters, ceramists, ceramic artists, collectors, enthusiasts and students, Ceramic Review has been inspiring the UK and international ceramics communities for almost 50 years.

Latest Issue

One of the things we love at Ceramic Review is the pure diversity of what can be made with clay. From everyday mugs that sit snugly in your hand to large-scale sculptural installations, the possibilities seem endless. One of the other things we love is the wide range of ceramic artists who are pushing the boundaries of these possibilities making unique, thought-provoking pieces that express their creativity. This issue we feature a number of artists who are doing just that, including our cover star, Zemer Peled, who uses ceramic shards in her work, relishing the break and using the fragment, she arranges and recombines the pieces into vibrant artwork. Another example is Roberto Lugo, referred to as the ‘Ghetto Potter’, his main body of work is a series of large-scale vessels and urns, which feature traditional porcelain forms and techniques reimagined with what he describes as ‘a 21st-century street sensibility’. Then there is our ‘Emerging Maker’ Steven Edwards who creates colourful contemporary sculptures inspired by the processes he uses to make them and Linda Bloomfield who shares the results of experiments carried out on producing celadon glazes in an electric kiln… We hope you are inspired by the possibilities in clay and the news and events to be found in this issue.

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  • First Issue: February 1970
  • Latest Issue: September/October 2021
  • Issue Count: 311
  • Page Count: 19,284
  • Published: Bi-monthly
  • ISSN: 2514-3425

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