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Crafts is the world's leading magazine devoted to making.

Published six times a year by the Crafts Council UK, Crafts offers the latest news, reviews and opinion, alongside a selection of in-depth features, challenging essays and critical debate from the best writers in the business. Crafts champions high-quality contemporary craft practice nationally and internationally, as well as its impact on social, economic and cultural life.

The complete digital archive includes every issue of Crafts since 1973, providing readers with an unparalleled history of making; an essential resource for students, academics, researchers or anyone with an interest in craft.

Latest Issue

For many of the makers in our January/February 2021 issue, craft is a language – a way to communicate across cultural and social divides without words. In South Africa, we visit ceramic artist Andile Dyalvane, who has developed a unique vocabulary of symbols drawn from the Xhosa culture of the Eastern Cape that he uses to heal rifts. We speak to a group of contemporary artists in the Arctic Circle, for whom the craft and material culture of the Sámi people is a unifying force against threats to their traditions and communities. And in the UK we meet emerging talent Anya Paintsil, whose sculptural textiles are threaded with humour and a sharp critique about racism.

Elsewhere, a group of designers, artists and makers channel their problem-solving skills into practical solutions for the common good, an urbanist explores how craft could save our cities post-COVID-19, and actor Jeremy Irons offers an ode to the skilled boat-builders near his home in Ireland.

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  • First Issue: March/April 1973
  • Latest Issue: January/February 2021
  • Issue Count: 289
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  • Published: Bi-monthly
  • ISSN: 2514-393X

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