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Travel the globe with Current World Archaeology, the magazine that brings you up-to-date with the latest archaeological discoveries: from the earliest emergence of humans, right up to yesterday, spanning the world from Classical Greece and Rome, through Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Near East, into Asia, the Far East and beyond.

Explore sites – and sights – through our exclusive features and informative photography. We bring you the stories from the archaeologists themselves, so you learn first-hand from the experts about the latest finds and most up-to-date research. Discover the what, where, when and why from the people doing the digging, and see for yourself the glorious locations of their exciting excavations.

Current World Archaeology takes readers on a journey around the world in our vibrant travel section. Articles provide insight into exclusive locations on every continent: from the Mayan jungle to the Siberian tundra, from the Greek Archipelago to the Easter Island enigma – we venture off the beaten track to bring you the hidden histories others miss.

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Latest Issue

- A divided city? Discovering the new face of medieval Oslo

- Visions of the past: surveying rock art in Mongolia

- What’s in a name? How Roman soldiers found their outposts

- Stunning classical sculpture: an archaeology of the Torlonia marbles

- Ionian Islands: in search of the real Ithaca

- Florence: magnificent Etruscan treasures

- Egypt: a virtual tomb visit

Plus: news, reviews, museum, opinion columns, object lesson, and much more!

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Research Areas: Ancient History & Archaeology

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  • First Issue: Issue 1
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