10 Must Reads: Learning, Engaging, Enriching

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Learning, engagement and enrichment are at the very core of any museum’s mission. This new collection shares the global experience of innovative professionals - in museums and galleries large and small - who have expanded the effectiveness and the boundaries of the museum learning process. If you read nothing else on learning, read these 10 essays!

We’ve reviewed literally hundreds of MuseumsEtc chapters and selected the most important ones to help enhance you - and your organisation’s - thinking and action on learning, engagement and enrichment. 10 Must Reads: Learning, Engaging, Enriching will help you: 1 Align your programmes with your audiences’ learning needs. 2 Develop effective new learning partnerships. 3 Unlock the full learning potential of objects. 4 Explore controversial issues and conflicting perspectives. 5 Democratise and expand learning opportunities. 6 Use new technology intelligently to enhance learning.

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