Exhibitions and Education: A Handbook for Academic Museums, Volume 1

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Imagine your collection consists of ancient Greek vases and you want to get teenagers interested... Imagine if you exhibit only “difficult” contemporary art and want to involve offenders in prison... Or imagine lending art from your collection to students to hang in their dorm rooms... Just three of the challenges which faced the museums whose success stories are detailed in Advancing Engagement - the third volume in this acclaimed and inspirational series (“A vital resource... the standard text for generations to come.” James Cuno, President & CEO, The J Paul Getty Trust.)

The theme linking all these essays is that of engaging, involving and enriching the widest possible range of audiences in the rewarding process of object-based learning.

The essays in this 400-page, richly illustrated book have not been written to rest on a library shelf. They’re designed to be a practical resource, to help you think about your own institution, its programmes, challenges and opportunities – enlightened by what others have achieved in similar situations, and what might be possible. Advancing Engagement provides examples of best practice, innovation, and good thinking which offer guidance and inspiration for any museum - whether your budget is tiny or huge!

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