Interpretive Master Planning: Strategies for the New Millennium - Philosophy, Theory and Practice

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Interpretive Master Planning - "a classic work by an author who does interpretive planning every day" - shares an unrivalled wealth of experience and practical advice on planning and designing interpretive facilities and services. Of value to museums, visitor centres, and historic or natural history sites, John Veverka's lively text uses stories, case histories and interactive examples to illustrate every aspect of the interpretive process: from how to decide what to interpret, and how best to do it, through to effective planning, implementation - and much more.

This is, quite simply, the most comprehensive reference book on the subject. Richly illustrated in colour, and focusing firmly on visitors and the quality of their experience, its 40 chapters, 100 illustrations and almost 600 pages will ensure that your interpretation really works. In addition to the authoritative text, a rich variety of time-saving, tried-and-tested checklists, flowcharts, diagrams, tables, forms and worksheets are included and designed to be freely reproduced and used.

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  • Editorial: MuseumsEtc.
  • ISBN: 9781910144497