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Since 1967, Flash Art is synonym of a cutting edge perspective on contemporary art and global art landscape. Renowned for its iconic covers, currently active with International and Italian Edition, the magazine remains – after more than five decades – committed to analysing and reporting established but also experimental art practices and happenings in the art world, publishing essays by the most authoritative critics and observers together with artists statements and special projects exclusively conceived for the magazine.

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Latest Issue

This issue inaugurating the fall season aims to reflect and expand on the concept of biodiversity in nowadays’ visual arts. Trying to expand the notion of biodiversity, it means in a way thinking on it as a growth of ecosystem productivity, where each species has an important role to play. From technology, the AI, the “molecular turn”, etc – all essential players within a huge number of artists productions.

Spanning from different researches and approaches all artists involved in this issue, titled Ultra Bodies Ultra Species, are designing a new scenario of the art world.

COVER STORY → ◯ Pamela Rosenkranz

IN THIS ISSUE → ◯ Nicolas Bourriaud reflects on Pamela Rosenkranz’s invisible dimension in the artist’s practice → ◯ Noam Segal dialogues with Agnieszka Kurant, which practice deals with an expansion of what is traditionally considered the properly human realm by highlighting the agency of various nonhuman actors such as data, minerals, insects, bacteria, and collective and artificial intelligence → ◯ Ingrid Luquet-Gad analyses recents projects by Pakui Hardware that are part of the duo’s long-term research on the monitoring of post-natural bodies, organs, and life forms → ◯ Nour Mobarak’s polymorphic work is analysed by Marie de Brougerolle within the frame of current questions of posthumanism

THE ISSUE ALSO FEATURES → ◯ Artist Pan Daijing in conversation with Andrea Lissoni on her latest audio and performance work culminating this Fall ◯ Simone Forti in dialogue with Patrick Steffen ◯ Two special visual commissions: Chitra Ganesh, that has conceived a graphic narrative starting from a reflection on the concept of biodiversity ◯ Jared Madere, working since years with AI across various mediums, created a visual essay that responds to the skepticism aimed at the ethics of employing AI in police and surveillance infrastructure. Moreover ◯ Flash Art Editor Eleonora Milani discusses with Mónica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN, the relationship between the arts and sciences ◯ Chus Martínez’s third chapter of her column “The Age of Love” dedicated to the investigation on the notion of emotions nowadays through Taloi Havini’s work presented at Ocean Space in Venice ◯ Charlie Robin Jones explores how we can think of biodiverse design beyond the surface signifiers of “green” fashion via the life and work of Helmut Lang ◯ The last episode of “Tell Everyone” by William J. Simmons’ focused on the tenth anniversary of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” that marks a moment in her development as an artist, but it is likewise a moment in the fan’s development, whose life is lived in proximity and relation to the object of fandom ◯ Mariana Lemos reflects on the book Sex Ecologies, edited by Stefanie Hessler, a process of gathering, mapping, working through, and working with ideas that have recently begun to intersect both the humanities and the arts, trying to understand what sex ecology is ◯ Kate Mother Hall’s “Letter from the City” ◯ worldwide reviews, and much more

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  • First Issue: #327 September - October 2019
  • Latest Issue: #336 Fall 2021
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