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Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading alternative consumer magazine and an indispensable read for any independent thinker.

Each issue features detailed product guides, news of ethical products and campaigns, in-depth features, opinion, comment, boycott updates, readers' letters, and much more. Our mission is to make global businesses more sustainable through consumer pressure and the magazine provides the information, inspiration and resources you need to make simple, informed and effective choices every time you shop.

We've developed the world's most sophisticated and simple to use, ethical rating system to give you the information you need, based on detailed research of over 40,000 companies, brands and products and each magazine contains a number of shopping guides powered by our vast database of corporate information.

For over 30 years we have been the hub of the ethical consumer movement, helping consumers to shop ethically, campaigners to challenge corporate power and businesses to improve their supply chain.

Use Ethical Consumer magazine to discover the truth behind the products you buy and the companies you buy them from.

"I have used Ethical Consumer magazine and resources for the last 20 years in my teaching around the area of consumption ethics. It is an excellent resource in providing up to date information on corporate activities, consumer boycott and buycotts as well as market reports. It is a fantastic introduction to those unfamiliar with the issues as well as for those who wish to go deeper into specific issues. Thank you Ethical Consumer!"- Professor Deirdre Shaw, University of Glasgow.

"Ethical Consumer in a fantastic teaching resource, which I have used for several years as part of undergraduate social science courses. Ethical Consumer’s reports are an excellent resource to illustrate, communicate and explore not only ethical consumption itself but topics of: sustainable consumption and sustainable development; economic globalisation and global value chains; corporate abuses and corporate social responsibility; as well as campaign groups, social movements and contentious politics."- Dr Daniel Welch, Lecturer in Sociology, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester.

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