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Museums are using games in many ways – for interpretation, education, marketing, outreach and events. Museums at Play showcases tried and tested examples from the sector and seeks to inspire further informed use of games as part of the museum toolbox. It also draws on relevant experience from other sectors, and on the experience of game designers and theorists. It looks at learnings from other disciplines and explores the opportunities for interaction using gaming within museums.

Richly illustrated, Museums At Play is written by leading museum specialists from world-class institutions and specialists from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA. In over 40 chapters and more than 650 pages, the book provides an extraordinary overview of the development, use and evaluation of games within museum and cultural contexts. Among the many important issues addressed through case studies, essays and opinion pieces are: 1 How games can enhance interpretation, learning, outreach, marketing, branding and events. 2 Using games with different audiences: children, adults, minorities, and people with disabilities. 3 Assessment of different types of games in use: e.g. digital, physical, mobile, virtual, multi-player. 4 The principles of successful game commissioning, budgeting, development and creation. 5 The evaluation process and the impact of games. 6 Future developments and trends.

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  • Rédacteur: Katy Beale
  • Editeur: MuseumsEtc.
  • ISBN: 9781907697135