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Forget domestic interior design, read where the professional designers are heading. FX leads the way with the world’s best architects and designers who influence the way you live. Your office, your school, your library, your hospital, and even your prison – all of them are designed by professionals architects and designers who profoundly affect our lives. FX talks to the professionals who make it happen for all of us. What motivates them, and enables them to deliver an improved quality of life for you? We interview those designers that have made a difference. It’s your life, join the professional’s debate with us. Design matters.

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Welcome to your February issue of FX Magazine, bringing you provocative and inspiring projects from the design industry

February’s Surfaces Focus spotlights robotics innovations from Aectual, and new work from Swarovski award winner Juju Wang. Also featuring:

FX Design Seminar: Experts discuss visions for compact living

Radical Thinking: Jules Coke of Squint/Opera talks Cedric Price, Bruce Mau and Game of Thrones

ANARCHITECT create a desert hotel from the UAE’s oil rush-era ruins

A profile with Sarah Featherstone, Featherstone Young co-founder

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