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The complete digital archive of Geographical, dating back to May 1935, is now available to all subscribing schools and institutions.

Established in 1935, Geographical is the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society and one of the leading magazines in its field, with stunning photography, great writing and first class design.

- Keep up to date with the world, its people and its places through our news pages and topical features on nature and conservation

- Explore far-flung cities, towns and villages. Meet their inhabitants and immerse yourself in their culture

- Discover weird and wonderful wildlife. Learn more about the world around you through insightful features and accomplished photography

In a time of unprecedented environmental and social change, never has knowledge of the world been more important. For an authoritative voice on geography, culture, wildlife and exploration institutions should look no further than Geographical, with the fully-searchable complete 82-year archive giving close to 1000 issues of informative content.

Latest Issue

This month in Geographical, we examine the mobilisation of young people across the globe who are taking to the streets with direct and disruptive demands for action on climate change. What can Generation Change achieve?

Plus, we ask whether desalination, the technology that promises to produce drinking water from the sea and other sources, is the answer to the world’s water crises.

Also, a spotlight on Zambia, where groundbreaking conservation measures have seen the revival of the African dog population; a look at enclaves, the parts of one country that become lost inside another; and all the latest geographical news.

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Subjects: Culture, Nature, Travel

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  • First Issue: May 1935
  • Latest Issue: 18 March 2019
  • Issue Count: 974
  • Page Count: 79,879
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2059-5301

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