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Green is Australia’s leading publication for highlighting sustainable design projects, featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.

Each issue of Green (published six times a year) showcases the most interesting and creative sustainable designs from architects and landscapers around Australia and internationally.

Students and professionals will be sure to find inspiration from the spectacular urban, regional and coastal architecture featuring cutting edge environmental ideas.

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Good design can appear effortless – but as in many respects, appearances can be deceiving. Much thought, planning and effort goes into executing a given design; which is to say that ‘simple’ surely doesn’t mean easy.

This concept is not least on display in our annual kitchens feature, which brings together a selection of eye-catching projects. Despite the challenges of managing their many moving parts, these kitchens comfortably and seamlessly fulfil their roles as the hearts of their homes.

WOWOWA Architecture took a light but impactful touch when working with a modernist apartment in Melbourne. The home’s pre-existing charms are heightened and celebrated after a finessed renovation.

Up in Sydney, Youssofzay + Hart delivered a heartfelt family home that draws on and in the surrounding bush landscape. Connection with nature underpins another project a hop, skip and jump away in New Zealand: where a small, hand-built family cabin is big in character.

Meanwhile, Studio203 created a striking, multi-level home for five that consumes less electricity than an average one-person household thanks to a winning combination of high and low-tech design moves.

In Brisbane, architect, Kieron Gait, and landscape architect, Dan Young sought to rediscover the landscape’s precolonial condition through a series of natural and built interventions.

Further abroad in Porto in Portugal, see how an urban gardening business is flourishing in the digital age and spurring revitalisation.

Lastly, relive our recent adventure in Tasmania, where we savoured Hobart and Launceston’s cultural, culinary and design bounty.

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