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Green is Australia’s leading publication for highlighting sustainable design projects, featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.

Each issue of Green (published six times a year) showcases the most interesting and creative sustainable designs from architects and landscapers around Australia and internationally.

Students and professionals will be sure to find inspiration from the spectacular urban, regional and coastal architecture featuring cutting edge environmental ideas.

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The nature of Australia’s vast and varied landscape requires unique architectural responses. Climate, vegetation and topography all determine a successful outcome, with a careful study of the site even more crucial than it is in an urban environment. In this issue, we take a look at six very different houses that are a reection of their particular regional or coastal environments.

On a windy, exposed site in Queensland, Sparks Architects designed a house to embrace its place, responding like a boat to the prevailing breezes (pg 58). Inland, on an isolated and ecologically diverse landscape and with temperatures reaching extremes of hot and cold, architect Brian Steendyk required an intricate understanding of materials to deliver a home be tting the landscape (pg 28).

In the less intimidating hills of Byron Bay the impetus for architect, Kirstin Burrowes and builder, Jeremy Beresford was the desire for refuge and discretion. The result is a lightweight, off-grid cabin that recedes into its surroundings (pg 64). On Sydney’s northern edge, on a steep site surrounded by national park on one side and water on the other, it took an intimate knowledge of the conditions by Casey Brown Architecture to ensure a successful outcome (pg 50).

In a rugged landscape in Victoria’s north-west, architect Adam Kane’s brief was for a small home with no air conditioning. The jewel-like cabin not only provides a comfortable refuge from the elements but pays homage to the heritage of the area (pg 44).

Finally, Kennedy Nolan delivered a multi-generational home that oats down a steep and undulating site on Victoria’s south coast. Here, the task was to navigate the technical requirements whilst paying a nostalgic nod to the clients’ history in the area (pg 36). The challenges faced by these architects and the way they have resolved them, while also delivering on aesthetics, is commendable and inspiring.

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