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Green is Australia’s leading publication for highlighting sustainable design projects, featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.

Each issue of Green (published six times a year) showcases the most interesting and creative sustainable designs from architects and landscapers around Australia and internationally.

Students and professionals will be sure to find inspiration from the spectacular urban, regional and coastal architecture featuring cutting edge environmental ideas.

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There are many reasons why smaller is better and they are made abundantly clear in this issue. Take SMITH Architects′ cabin in the Blue Mountains. Its scale allows for views of the surrounding landscape from any point in the house. As with all well-designed smaller buildings, the crafting of the interior leaves no wasted space – only perfectly-arranged joinery for every possible need.

For architects Ellen Kwek and Michael Frazzetto, inspiration came from the courtyards of Mexico and Morocco when renovating their section of a warehouse in a dense urban setting. One directs light into the 60-square-metre interior and another, at the entrance, is closed when seeking privacy or open to the street for valuable community interaction. Small housing can also lead to efficiency in materials and therefore, cost.

As was the case on a Brisbane block where architect John Ellway designed a pair of houses based on stock material sizes. Not only are these twin houses an example of affordable architecture, their scale means that the landscape is able to dominate the site.

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Research Areas: Art & Design, Geography & Environmental Studies

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