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Green is Australia’s leading publication for highlighting sustainable design projects, featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.

Each issue of Green (published six times a year) showcases the most interesting and creative sustainable designs from architects and landscapers around Australia and internationally.

Students and professionals will be sure to find inspiration from the spectacular urban, regional and coastal architecture featuring cutting edge environmental ideas.

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The four houses in this issue either draw on – or expand upon – archetypal Australian architecture, with an emphasis on simplicity and modesty, as well as energy production and preservation.

On a 3.8-metre wide site in inner Sydney, Anderson Architecture has built a modern terrace using the boundary walls to create thermal mass and a sloping roo ine encasing high volumes for light gain. This modern interpretation of a Victorian-era home comes with an eight-star NatHERS rating (pg 36). Meanwhile in Brisbane, Bligh Graham Architects has made space for a growing family, with minimal increase to the footprint of a classic Queenslander. At the same time it sought to give back to the neighbourhood by designing a theatrical tower viewable from the street (pg 52).

A line of timber pavilions linked by courtyards forms the home of a family on the Victorian coastline. Designed by Edition Of ce, the orderly space expands and contracts to accommodate the changing needs of three generations whilst maintaining a connection to the landscape (pg 44).

High on a hill on a piece of Victorian farmland, a cabin designed by Ben Callery Architects respects the site’s pre-colonial history whilst boldly utilising current technology to provide off-grid living at its best (pg 60).

We had the great pleasure of visiting The Diggers Club’s Preservation Garden for this issue. The garden, currently closed to the public, is where the mother stock is nurtured, tested and monitored before becoming part of The Diggers Club catalogue for all of us to grow and continue the preservation process (pg 80). Great stuff.

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Subjects: Green, Architecture, Ecology, International

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