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Here is a list of article recommendations, compiled by the editorial team at Prospect.


When was Britain?
by Neal Ascherson

Excuse me, are you English?
by Peter Pomerantsev

The World Beyond

The greengrocer’s revenge
by Ivan Krastev

The Huawei story
by Isabel Hilton


Orwell’s heir
by Pankaj Mishra

The liberal delusion
by John Gray

It could have been great
by Ferdinand Mount


Too diverse?
by David Goodhart

Identity and migration
by Francis Fukuyama

The good Muslim delusion
by Sameer Rahim


Where do we go from here?
by Robert Skidelsky

Rise of the super-family
by Alison Wolf

The hidden rewiring
by Adam Tooze

Culture and ideas

Love, factually
by Will Self


Medicine in black and white
by Angela Saini

Secrets in stereo
by Marcus Chown

Stranger than fiction

Flash fish
by Ed Docx


The legacy of the sixties
by Christopher Hitchens and Peter Hitchens

Worst of England
by Andrew Marr

by Sam Leith

The truth seekers
by David Edmonds