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History Scotland is the world’s premier Scottish history magazine and provides fascinating articles on every aspect of Scottish history. Written by leading historians, archaeologists and museum curators, the magazine is a ‘must-read’ for anyone with a passion for Scotland’s rich history and heritage.

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Latest Issue

The November/December issue of History Scotland is packed full of the latest research news and articles you can’t read anywhere else, with in-depth reads from experts in the fields of Scottish history, heritage and archaeology.

Highlights include:

· The Declaration of Arbroath:As we approach the 700th anniversary of the declaration of Arbroath, we showcase a project that is combining documentary and genetic genealogy evidence to tell the stories of those who signed the declaration

· 17th-century bandits:We trace the rise and fall of a notorious bandit gang that operated in the eastern highlands during the 1660s, asking what their activities can tell us about the challenge of maintaining law and order in the early modern period.

· Maryhill barracks controversy:The construction of a new army barracks at Maryhill during in the 1870s proved unexpectedly controversial, leaving a legacy of bitterness and recrimination between many of the parties involved. We explore the roots of this conflict, and consider how it affected the functioning of the barracks up to their closure in 1959.

· The Eyemouth tragedy:how pressure to go to sea whatever the weather led to one of Scotland’s worst maritime disasters

Plus: Some early views of Scotland and Scotland From The Sky’s Jamie Crawford on the importance of archives..​.

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