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Icon is the essential international architecture and design magazine. Every month Icon interviews the most exciting architects and designers and brings you the best in new buildings and design. Icon analyses the most interesting cultural movements and technologies and reviews a range of exhibitions, books, films and events. Beautifully presented, rigorous and insightful, Icon goes in depth to get under the skin of design culture. It explores exactly what's happening today, and what it means for the future. For the global picture, read Icon


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London vs Londoners: This London special of Icon considers the dislocation between the city and it’s inhabitants. We look at why Londoners commonly avoid certain areas of the city centre and explore London’s ‘edgelands’, areas on the outskirts of the city that are shifting its gravitational pull outwards. In the case of Elephant and Castle, through original reporting we see what happens when the wrecking ball clears away the old. Plus: Our Editor, Priya Khanchandani, talks to architect Amin Taha about saving 15 Clerkenwell Close, and designer Yinka Ilori, who created this month’s cover illustration.

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  • First Issue: June 2011
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