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In Tune Monthly is a digital, interactive and streamed magazine published eight times, every 30 days from mid-September through mid-April. Written for middle, high school and college music students and those interested in the music world, its concepts range in sophistication, in consideration of the wide range of student involvement with music throughout the age group.

Every issue of In Tune seeks to present content about a broad array of music subjects explaining in simple terms how music and the global music industries work. Because there are so many subjects to address, each offering tends to be limited, attempting to serve as a jumping off point for further and independent study, but infused with a plethora of links to supporting texts and relevant audio tracks and video clips.

Every issue of In Tune seeks to offer a balance of subject matter including coverage of musical genres, instruments and equipment, theory and technique, music creation, technology and recording, rights, music media, higher music education and careers, and so much more. Ultimately, In Tune seeks to promote continued music education and suggest to students that they can be involved with music as singers, instrument players, listeners, creators and businesspeople.

In Tune can certainly be read for enjoyment, but it is designed to supply curricular material that facilitates cultural diversity, a spirit of inclusiveness and honors responsible experimentation with the goal of personal and positive discovery. In Tune exists to present a multitude of options for musical study and pursuit. and achieve a certain serendipity, hoping to surprise and delight readers. In Tune tries to “pull back the curtain” on music and explain how things work, where they’ve come from and how they’ve evolved.

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  • First Issue: Vol. 12, No 1
  • Latest Issue: Vol 19, No.1
  • Issue Count: 57
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