Creativity and Technology: Social Media, Mobiles and Museums

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This book brings together papers given at a major conference jointly organised by the Center for Mobile Communication Studies at Rutgers University (the world’s first academic unit to focus solely on social aspects of mobile communication) and Liberty Science Center (the New Jersey-New York City region’s largest education resource).

Presented by leading thinkers and museum experts, the papers provide an incisive, up-to-the-minute analysis of trends in the use of mobile devices by museum audiences, with a special focus on outreach efforts to under-served communities. Among the many important contemporary issues covered in this publication are:

1 How social networking and mobility tools can help museums connect with their audiences. 2 Assessments of current tools and systems. 3 How these tools can help enrich and extend the learning experience. 4 The principles that guide new social media applications. 5 How to integrate social media applications into contemporary museum practice. 6 What the future holds for mobile media devices and social networking in the museum setting. 7 Data-driven analyses of developments in the field. 8 Insightful distillations of museum experiences to date. 9 Forecasts of trends and developments “just around the corner”.

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  • A cura di: James E Katz, Wayne LaBar and Ellen Lynch
  • Editore: MuseumsEtc.
  • ISBN: 9781907697111