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Unique in its international coverage of religion, current affairs, politics, social issues and the arts, The Tablet is a weekly Catholic journal which has been reporting on events of significance for over 170 years.

Every week The Tablet provides in-depth and balanced coverage on a wide range of subjects and its contribution to topical issues is strengthened by its contributors: each issue contains the work of writers drawn from all over the world.

The complete archive, of over 9000 issues, is now available for institutional subscribers. Fully searchable and easily navigable, this is undoubtedly one of the best resources available for tracing the history of the Catholic Church and world events over the last 170 years.

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A Church for the third millennium
Change in the Church requires ingenuity and patience, but there are signs that ‘synodal reform’ is beginning to put down roots / BY AVRIL BAIGENT

Stronger together
The need for the increasingly beleaguered Ukrainians to come together is breaking down historical boundaries and animosities / BY MARC ROSCOE LOUSTAU

A salve for troubled souls
A poem a day keeps the doctor away – even the ancient Greeks knew that, seeing Apollo as the god of both poetry and medicine / BY RACHEL KELLY

Unfinished business
A Catholic writer married to a rabbi argues that obstacles to Jewish-Catholic relationships are built into the way Catholics think and pray / BY JON M. SWEENEY

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