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A unique window on Jewish culture world-wide

Based in the UK, but with a world-wide reach, Jewish Renaissance Magazine, founded in 2001, features:

Passport A unique series of in-depth studies, each focused on a community across the Diaspora. Communities already covered range from: Brighton to Burma, Greece to Gibraltar, Manchester to Mexico, Australia to Argentina. Significant Jewish movers and shakers of the past share Passport’s pages with the young cultural activists of today, bringing to life the spirit of the community in a vivid and colourful way, along with in-depth historical information.

Sephardi Renaissance A focus on the history and present of Sephardi and Mizrahi communities, both their lives in their historic homelands and stories from their adopted homes.

News Stories of Jewish cultural innovation across the world.

Debate Contemporary issues around Jewish identity and interaction in a multi-cultural society are discussed to give voice to the range of opinions.

Books, art, music, film, theatre Reviews and interviews keeping readers abreast of the best in new cultural production.

'Receiving a new edition of Jewish Renaissance is a welcome breath of fresh air. I don't know of any other magazine to compare with it for its intelligent and absorbing coverage of Jewish culture.'

Asher Weill, Editor (1981-2003), Ariel: The Israel Review of Arts and Letters

Latest Issue

Australia’s first Jewish settlers were swindlers, robbers and prostitutes: who knew? This is just one of many stories from ‘down under’ that features in our Melbourne special. Nearer home we examine Israel's latest TV shows, fiction and technology. Plus, read an exclusive short story by Lynne Reid Banks, explore Jewish feminist fantasy fiction and discover India’s Bollywood Jews.

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Subjects: Culture, Religion

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  • First Issue: Autumn 2001
  • Latest Issue: April 2019
  • Issue Count: 72
  • Page Count: 4,199
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2516-1849

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