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Le Monde Diplomatique -- just LMD or the Diplo to its many readers -- is a famous voice in world journalism, offering fresh, incisive insight into the complex interplay of global politics. Every issue promises in-depth analysis of current affairs and intelligent firsthand reporting. The monthly English edition is a concise version of the French parent edition.

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…Afghanistan special report, can there be an end to forever wars? From the front, Kabul to Kandahar; start of an inter-Afghan dialogue; how the Taliban defeated the West; next came Iraq; meet Pedro Castillo, Peru’s new president; Hungary, Orban secures his party’s future; China, what’s left of communism? UAE eyes Yemen’s contested islands; Paraguay, upriver and down again; life as a game of likes and follows…

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  • First Issue: January 2006
  • Latest Issue: September 2021
  • Issue Count: 189
  • Page Count: 3,079
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2606-3891

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