Famous artists, musical movements and diversity issues

Voice Of The South
BBC Music Magazine, March 2018

BBC Music Magazine, August 2020

U. P. Wilson
Blues Matters!, Issue 23

Taj Mahal: The Living Legend Lives On
Blues Matters!, Issue 93

A Message from Eric Bibb
Blues Matters!, Issue 115

Diverse Challenges
Classical Music, September 2017

Race Matters
Classical Music, February 2019

She's A Rebel
Dazed, February 2014

Gifted, Black & Brave
JazzTimes, December 2015

Wide Open Window
JazzTimes, December 2018

The Long Birth of a Movement
JazzTimes, April 2020

From Ask To Demand
JazzTimes, September 2020

Help Us Help Us All
JazzTimes, September 2020

The Language Of Truth
Jazzwise Magazine, July 2007

She Stirred The Soul
Opera, December 2019

From Missouri to Memphis
Opera, September 2020

Renaissance Man
Songlines, November/December 2009

The Music That Transformed Britain
Songlines, October 2018

Baring Her Soul
Songlines, December 2019

Worth The Wait
Songlines, May 2020

Chains of the Heart
The Wire, October 2013 (Issue 356)

The Great Learning
The Wire, May 2015 (Issue 375)

Pictures of Infinity
The Wire, October 2017 (Issue 404)