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Founded in Edinburgh in 1979, Literary Review is a trusted independent source for reviews of new books in history, biography, politics, travel and fiction. The monthly publication is well known for its amusing contributions and excellent editorial written by leading authors, journalists and academics, forming a gold mine for research in past and present literature.

Martin Amis said: "In Literary Review you find something that has almost vanished from the book pages: its contributors are actually interested in Literature."

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Alexandra Gajda on Queen Elizabeth's banker * John Gribbin on the approaching Novacene * Felipe Fernández-Armesto on Thomas Harriot * Gillian Moore on Alma Mahler * James Delbourgo goes swimming * Ian Critchley on Howard Jacobsen * Miranda France on Joanna Kavenna * David Blackbourn on culture in the Third Reich * John Keay on India in the Persianate Age * Edward Vallance on Charles I's killers * Peter Conrad on Pavarotti * Sam Leith on Mick Herron * Arabella Byrne on Lisa Taddeo * and much, much more...

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  • First Issue: 19 October 1979
  • Latest Issue: July 2019
  • Issue Count: 459
  • Page Count: 30,246
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2059-5352

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