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Since its inception in 2004, MIX Magazine has carved a successful niche as a source of accurate and tangible colour, trend and material forecasting information used as a main reference by the design sector. This unique publication will guide you through the new trends for the season, both 1 and 2 years ahead, help you understand the trend gathering process, focusing on key industry and social drivers, plus will look at the way these trends will be disseminated into the mass market by early adopters all with vibrant colours, realistic textures and first generation imagery.

In MIX Magazine we aim not to just chart the process of trends but also clarify them explaining where these ideas have come from and also how they are impacting the market. We speak with design teams, analyse colour trends from trade shows and exhibitions and also report on inspirational materials.

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In this issue we have truly come together. So, we look forward to 2022; the hope is that a vaccine or effective treatment for Covid-19 will release an epic explosion of pent up creativity, a key driver for our story Goddess (along with a healthy dose of feminine wisdom). Much has been made of the positive effects on the environment that calling a halt on travel has precipitated and we are convinced that there is much more to explore here, hence Custodian, a calm, centred response to the shockwave effects of the pandemic, focusing on recalibrating values and seeking out a fairer, more inclusive society.

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  • First Issue: Issue 36
  • Latest Issue: Issue 61
  • Issue Count: 26
  • Page Count: 3,640
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2516-3183

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