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Money Observer has been helping investors make their money work harder since 1979 with its unrivalled history of delivering the most insightful coverage on investment market trends and fund strategies. The award-winning editorial team analyses the market to give you the best tips and tactics to use when you’re trading and investing.

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The end of the year looms on the horizon: it’s been a year of continuing uncertainty, and with a general election in a few weeks we face massively uncertain prospects ahead. So the December issue of Money Observer has plenty to get your teeth into when you need a break from the rigours of the festive season.

To kick off, Tom Bailey takes a look back to the market forecasts for 2019 our experts made back in January’s issue, and asks which were on the money, while David Prosser faces into the election abyss and rounds up the key commitments made by the three main political parties that are likely to affect us in terms of investment, tax, pensions, savings and housing.

Gold has been a star investment of the past year, with gains of 26% when the price peaked in September. Since then the price has come off somewhat, but in the face of continuing global instability and central banks buying the yellow metal, we ask if it still has further to go and how it can benefit portfolios as a diversifier. Meanwhile for anyone looking for a ‘buy and hold’ fund that will stand their grandchildren in good stead for decades to come, we’ve asked a cross-section of investment experts for their suggestions. The results are remarkably diverse, with ideas to whet every appetite.

There’s plenty more too, including our annual quiz, a feature on how to tell whether the UK stock market is truly cheap, and a guide to the various financial implications of dementia and how sufferers and their families can make plans now to make things easier in the future.

Enjoy the December issue – and a very merry Christmas from the Money Observer team.

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