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Money Observer has been helping investors make their money work harder since 1979 with its unrivalled history of delivering the most insightful coverage on investment market trends and fund strategies. The award-winning editorial team analyses the market to give you the best tips and tactics to use when you’re trading and investing.

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Welcome to Money Observer’s 40th anniversary issue! A huge amount has changed in the world of finance and investment over the four decades since the magazine was launched as a quarterly supplement to The Observer newspaper – and we chart many of those changes through former editor Andrew Pitts’ retrospective piece on some of the opportunities to make easy money that have helped investors on their way during that time.

But while it would have been very easy to look back at greater length, we wanted to make this special issue more than just a stroll down memory lane. So the magazine takes as its theme 40 Ways to be a Better Investor, rounding up key rules, tips and guidance to improve your investment success, whether you’re interested in investing in funds, investment trusts, passives and ETFs or direct shares, avoiding fraudsters, improving your tax efficiency or learning from the macroeconomic lessons of the past 40 years.

By coincidence, we also celebrate the 10 year birthday of our Share Sleuth portfolio of great companies at cheap prices, run by Richard Beddard - and it’s well worth popping the champagne for, with gains of 314% over the 10-year period.

We launch a new ETF-based global portfolio looking for the best-value markets worldwide; and last but certainly not least, we have £4,000 to be won, courtesy of the AIC, for the successful entrant of our competition.

It really is an action-packed issue, so we hope you enjoy it!

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