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Money Observer has been helping investors make their money work harder since 1979 with its unrivalled history of delivering the most insightful coverage on investment market trends and fund strategies. The award-winning editorial team analyses the market to give you the best tips and tactics to use when you’re trading and investing.

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In a month that has seen social and economic disruption on a global scale, April’s issue of Money Observer looks at the best-case and worst-case impacts on the global economy from the coronavirus threat, and at prospects for investors in the face of terrifying market falls.

Taking a longer view, however, our special section on how to invest in the 2020s should help to lift your investment perspective beyond the current situation. Among other features, we consider the best funds and trusts for those who want their investments to actively help tackle climate change, and identify the fund management groups with the highest proportion of successful funds in their stable – the Active Eight.

Elsewhere, this month’s 11-page retirement income section offers guidance and ideas for anyone approaching retirement and trying to work out how best to generate a reliable flow of cash, comparing annuity rates with investment fund ‘proxies’ to see which comes closest to the ideal package of reliable high yield, sustainability and minimal volatility. We also have six tips for those contemplating an underfunded pension and wondering how they’ll achieve the lifestyle they dreamed of, and round up 11 mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your pension shipshape.

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