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Money Observer has been helping investors make their money work harder since 1979 with its unrivalled history of delivering the most insightful coverage on investment market trends and fund strategies. The award-winning editorial team analyses the market to give you the best tips and tactics to use when you’re trading and investing.

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The UK has traditionally been the best hunting-ground for those seeking reliable dividends, but are income-hunters missing a trick by limiting their scope to home territory? In August’s cover feature, we look at some of the outstanding ‘dividend hero’ shares available on regional markets worldwide, and consider the pros and cons of holding overseas shares.

With the aftermath of Neil Woodford’s fall from grace still commanding much interest, there’s plenty of analysis in both the main magazine and our quarterly Trust supplement, including Andrew Pitts’ thoughts on how investors were let down by the authorities’ failure to take action, and an insight into the implications for Woodford Patient Capital Trust, the closed-ended sister of the Woodford’s suspended equity income fund. Kyle Caldwell goes a step further, suggesting three simple ways the fund management industry could clean up its act and help to rebuild investors’ trust.

We also assess the potential for using a less intensive version of a momentum-based investment strategy - following the funds that are performing most strongly – as an alternative to a conventional ‘buy and hold’ approach to long-term investment.

August issue is quarterly review time for our 12 model portfolios; most of them - particularly the growth-oriented portfolios – have had a strong three months, with gains of up to 10% during that time. Meanwhile in the Trust supplement, a similarly encouraging outcome for our 10 cautious and 10 adventurous investment trust tips over the past year, as the line-up is reviewed and overhauled for the coming 12 months.

All this and much more in the new issue of Money Observer!

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