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Money Observer has been helping investors make their money work harder since 1979 with its unrivalled history of delivering the most insightful coverage on investment market trends and fund strategies. The award-winning editorial team analyses the market to give you the best tips and tactics to use when you’re trading and investing.

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June’s issue of Money Observer is packed full of investment ideas. Our cover story runs through an investment phenomenon that is not a mere flash in the pan - the ‘smaller company effect’. We explain why small shares consistently beat large over the long term, and identify the overseas markets where the trend is the strongest.

Next, we examine the investment case for one of the world’s most unloved areas: Europe. While most investors are bearish, there are some sound reasons why the continent should pique the interest of the more contrarian investor. We explain what those reasons are and how best to profit.

For fund fans there are plenty of ideas from our professional fund buyer panel, with the experts naming the funds they have been buying and selling recently. There’s also a piece that looks at whether fund investors should jump ship when their fund manager moves onto pastures new.

In our regular ‘Money Maker’ feature we examine whether Alliance Trust’s management changes two years ago have paid off, while there is an update from our popular Dogs of the Footsie strategy.

There’s plenty more, including a look at the unintended consequences of a decade of loose monetary policy and an assessment of the pros and cons of peer to peer Isas.

For share investors, the share swap piece is an excellent read, naming 12 attractive US share alternatives to well-known British companies.

In addition to the main magazine, June includes our latest View From The Top supplement, which focuses on the growing conversation within the industry and in the media about women’s attitudes to investing, why they are less likely than men to have stockmarket holdings, and how to bridge that investment gender gap.

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