Museums and Visitor Photography - Redefining the Visitor Experience

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Museums and Visitor Photography: Redefining the Visitor Experience addresses some of the most fundamental issues relating to the burgeoning phenomenon of visitor photography - in a format which is attractive, approachable and actionable. Based on new research, and on innovative practice in leading museums (including the British Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Rijksmuseum and Wellcome Collection), this lavishly-illustrated, 500 page handbook will help you understand, connect with, and sympathetically manage visitors’ participation - both in the museum and online.

Positive and proactive involvement with visitor photography is still the exception, or in its infancy, in most museums and galleries. However, in this book, the authors share their exciting experience of visitor photography and how its creative use can result in: 
1 enhancing social interaction and creativity
2 encouraging audience engagement
3 motivating learning
4 helping recurate exhibitions
5 connecting with new audiences
6 and encouraging the contribution of new content. 

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Subjects: Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums, Photography, Visitors

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