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A quarterly magazine of culture and science, published since 1885. New Humanist is for anyone who wants to understand the ideas, conflicts and systems shaping our world - climate, capitalism, technology, fundamentalism, struggles for equality and more. We produce a beautiful magazine once every three months full of serious, intelligent essays and reportage.

New Humanist is the quarterly magazine of the Rationalist Association, a membership organisation that has been at the heart of the humanist, rationalist and atheist movements for more than a century.

Past members include Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and HG Wells. Past and present contributors include Jim Al-Khalili, AJ Ayer, Tony Benn, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Dennett, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Mona Eltahawy, Eva Figes, Mark Fisher, Michael Foot, Paul Gilroy, Robert Graves, JBS Haldane, Owen Jones, AL Kennedy, Philip Larkin, Somerset Maugham, Iris Murdoch, Karl Popper, Philip Pullman, Bertrand Russell, Amartya Sen, George Bernard Shaw, AJP Taylor, HG Wells and Bernard Williams.

The Rationalist Association has continuously published a print periodical, plus associated annuals. Your subscription will give you access to our full digitised archives, which includes the following:

New Humanist (1972 to date)

The Humanist (1956-1972)

The Literary Guide (1894-1972)

Watts’s Literary Guide (1885-1894)

Question (1968-1980)

Rationalist Annual (1927-1967)

RPA Annual & Ethical Review (1908-1926)

Agnostic Annual & Ethical Review (1901-1907)

Agnostic Annual (1884-1900)

Throughout its existence, New Humanist (and its preceding titles) has engaged in crucial ethical debates on religion, science, secularism and equality. This is an essential resource for students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

"The New Humanist is a uniquely valuable archive, containing rare essays by some of the greatest intellectuals of the last few centuries. There are so many rare gems to be mined here – an incredible resource." - Julian Baggini

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  • First Issue: The Agnostic Annual, 1884
  • Latest Issue: Autumn 2021
  • Issue Count: 1,302
  • Page Count: 40,299
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2059-5530

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