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The New Statesman is Britain's leading and most authoritative weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine. Irreverent, beautifully written and witty, the New Statesman is the essential read for bright thinkers everywhere. The magazine’s award-winning team of editors and contributors seek to engage readers with great writing, arresting photography, intelligent analysis, bold campaigns and trenchant argument. For a century, our mission has been to provide readers with a rigorous examination of political culture as well as to amuse and entertain.

Latest Issue

• She's lost control: how Britain became ungovernable by John Gray

• The Brexit farce: Stephen Bush on the serial failures of Theresa May’s doomed premiership

• Matthew Engel on Australia burning

• Mary Beard on women in power

• James Kelman on a Booker scandal

• Thomas Meaney on the Fourth Reich

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  • First Issue: 23 - 29 May 2014
  • Latest Issue: 15- 21 March
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