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For over twenty five years, New Welsh Review Ltd has been central to the Welsh literary scene in offering a vital outlet for the very best new fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, a forum for critical debate and a rigorous and engaged reviewing culture.

We have published some of the greatest writers and thinkers from Wales and beyond; Dannie Abse, Paul Muldoon, P.D. James, Emyr Humphreys, Leslie Norris, Gwyneth Lewis, Les Murray, Rachel Trezise, Niall Griffiths, Owen Sheers, Tiffany Murray, Edna Longley, Byron Rogers and Gillian Clarke. In summer 2015 we rebranded the creative magazine as New Welsh Reader, to combine the appeal of the new while maintaining our traditions and track record.

Latest Issue


'Swimming Women': Hannah Engelkamp looks at the philosophy and culture of women in the wet

'On Building': Alex Diggins on how buildings make us as much as we them

Feature on Twentieth-century Women Short Story Writers: 'University Connections and Professional Lives': Drs Michelle Deininger and Claire Flay-Petty on S Beryl Jones, Kathleen Freeman and Liliane Clopet, fiction authors connected to Dorothy Edwards

'Introduction to Sarah Beryl Jones': Dr Claire Flay-Petty

'The Buddha and the Pear': Jane MacNamee


'Mastering Marguerite': Suzy Ceulan Hughes on translating the Moroccan-French novella, La Blanche, for Parthian


'The Hardest Button to Button': Gwen Davies

'The Woman at the Well'" S Beryl Jones

'The Treatment': Novel Extract by Michael Nath


'In Remembrance': Natalie Crick

‘Patricia Prece': Graham Burchell

'The Llanlleonfel Church Yew': Rae Howells

'Crowsong': Rae Howells

'After the Stork': Rachel Bower

'Tiger': Scott Elder

'Pontypool Ski Slope': Stephen Payne

'You’re Not Your Father’s Child': Tim Fab-Eme

'Owl': Amanda Rackstraw

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Subjects: Culture, Literature, Poetry

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  • First Issue: Summer 2011
  • Latest Issue: Winter 2018
  • Issue Count: 28
  • Page Count: 2,769
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2059-6693

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