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At the crossroads between women’s and men’s luxury magazines and cutting-edge magazines Numéro explores an original vision of luxury.

Numéro Netherlands offers a new graphic and visual luxury language by elevating every creative eld with an avant-garde approach.

Each issue is a style experimentation, innovative, transgressive, inventive. Numéro Netherlands connects brands to art, design and contemporary aesthetic codes and reinforces their distinctness and uniqueness, their luxury brand status.

Latest Issue

Metamorphosis is a celebration of evolution and rebirth, representing a force that counters the stagnation of fear and apprehension, human tendencies that hinder our growth and feed our anxieties. It takes courage to morph into a version of ourselves unafraid of continual change, for change is not only positive but necessary for all life forms. A butterfly is only a butterfly after days as a caterpillar; we are only perfect when we acknowledge our imperfections and embrace the perpetual cycle of transformation. Despite the risk and fear, the thought of change leaves you excited and eager. This is the changing face of life, of culture, of fashion. This is Metamorphosis.

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  • First Issue: Numéro 4
  • Latest Issue: Numéro 7
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