On Sexuality - Collecting Everybody’s Experience

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On Sexuality forms part of Museum Futures, a new collection of books which explore - in a concise, highly-readable format - contemporary and challenging issues facing museums.

Sexuality is an important part of everyone’s experience, everywhere and from the earliest times. But very few museums or galleries consciously address the subject in their exhibitions. And fewer still consciously collect.

In On Sexuality, highly-regarded institutions including the Chicago History Museum and the University of London Institute of Education share their experience and provide the insights and advice you need to: 1 address issues of sexuality within wider historical or artistic narratives 2 begin collecting relevant new material 3 discover and deploy “hidden” objects in your collection 4 go beyond themes of persecution and victimisation to address everyday aspects of sexuality 5 crowd-source narratives of sexuality which would not otherwise be collected 6 consider socialisation - as well as inclusion - as a core value of your museum

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  • Publisher: MuseumsEtc.
  • ISBN: 9781910144596