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Founded in 1965, Poetry Wales is a triannual magazine with an international reputation for excellent poems, features and reviews from Wales and beyond. Emerging from a rich bilingual culture, Poetry Wales explores the diverse perspectives of Welsh poetry in English and its international relationships.

Its interest in translation, and in local and national identities in a global context, are at the forefront of some of the most exciting developments in poetry today. The magazine is open to tradition and experiment, publishing poetry from a wide range of approaches. Against this background of dynamic contrast, it offers a lively and informed critical context for the best contemporary poetry.

Latest Issue:

Poetry Wales 59.2 Winter 2023 | Due November 2023 

Editor  Zoë Brigley

Reviews Editor George Sandifer-Smith


  • Editorial
  • Doctor & Magician: A Tribute to Dannie Abse on the Centenary of His Birth
  • An Interview with Lynne Hjelmgaard & Penelope Shuttle
  • Translations of Fabio Morábito by Richard Gwyn
  • Just Your Imagination: Christodoulos Makris investigates the case of the absent elusive Irish avant-garde
  • Tangie Mitchell: A Poetry Workshop on Nightlife, Love and (Be)Longing
  • Wales Poetry Award Winners
  • Duos: Virgil Suárez & Jo Mazelis

  • Kathryn Bevis on Vanessa Lampert, Rosie Jackson & Helen Mort
  • George Sandifer-Smith on Translations, Dir. Keith Wilhelm Kopp
  • Gwion Iqbal Malik on Christopher Reid, Philip Gross & Glyn Edwards

  • Gboyega Odubanjo
  • Nurain O. ládèjì
  • Paul Henry
  • Jane Burn
  • Jane Zwart
  • Saddiq Dzukogi
  • Jose Hernandez Diaz
  • Bethany Handley
  • Karen Goodwin
  • Tony Curtis
  • Stephanie Powell
  • Penelope Shuttle
  • Lydia Harris
  • Cath Drake
  • Claire Crowther
  • Thea Ayres
  • Sheenagh Pugh
  • Jacqueline Saphra
  • Philip Gross
  • Paul Stephenson
  • Christodoulos Makris
  • Fabio Morábito
  • Abdulkareem Abdulkareem
  • Sophia Rubina Charalambous
  • Chaucer Cameron
  • Ben Rhys Palmer
  • Richard Marggraf Turley
  • Joshua Seigal
  • Billy Ramsell
  • SL Grange
  • Bitite Vinklers
  • James B. Nicola
  • Ankit Raj Ojha
  • Jean Atkin
  • Aidan Semmens
  • Ilias Tsagas
  • Allison Whittenberg
  • Carrie Etter
  • Heather Mackay Young
  • Jack Houston
  • Alix Edwards
  • Camille Francois
  • Kathryn Bevis
  • Stephanie Green
  • Kit Griffiths
  • Virgil Suárez
  • Jo Mazelis
Back Cover Poem Philip Gross

Cover Image John Abell

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  • First Issue: Summer 2012 48.1
  • Latest Issue: Winter 2023 59.2
  • Issue Count: 38
  • Page Count: 3,305
  • Published: Three times a year
  • ISSN: 2059-6723