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RE-EDITION magazine has earned itself a unique place in the world! Known as an Amazine! By IDEA! A Fiercely independent bi-annual covering fashion and culture, known for its visually challenging content and revered by some of the industry's top publishing icons, creative designers, and brand heads. Re-Edition is known for its trademark editorial and strong aesthetic vision - collaborating with the most exciting Artists, Photographers, and Designers and mixing rarely seen archives with newly produced images. The latest issue of RE-EDITION proudly presents its digital version, which will sit alongside its printed version - Immerse yourself in the "Re-Edition visual experience.” Re-Edition's S/S 2020 issue marks the five-year anniversary.

Latest Issue

The gabber scene in Rotterdam was at its height, and photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek decided to take to the streets and find 40 of its most loyal followers to photograph. We interviewed Ari dn Ellie about Exactitude 27 years on.

And our favourite Brianna Capozzi. Making shapes like Hans Bellmer but not nearly as creepy. Bodysuit stylist′s own so - you know - get your scissors out. That stylist is Jodie Barnes. And then. Then there is more. Collier Schorr and Harley Weir and Alasdair McLellan, Ella Emhoff by Nick Sethi and just so many others. All the energy of the re-emergent world.

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Research Areas: Fashion & Textiles

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  • First Issue: Spring/Summer 2019
  • Latest Issue: Spring/Summer 2021
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