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Providing diverse, inclusive and global views on contemporary affairs, Resurgence & Ecologist magazine offers systemic, positive and practical solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

The multi-disciplinary magazine explores economics, politics, sociology, ecology, philosophy, science, sustainability, the arts, activism and health. It's 50+ year archive provides a rich history of cutting-edge articles and both a retrospective and contemporary analysis of current affairs.

Resurgence & Ecologist brings together a broad range of acclaimed writers such as Caroline Lucas, Noam Chomsky, Polly Higgins, E.F. Schumacher, Vandana Shiva, Bill Mckibben, Louisa Adjoa Parker, Andrew Marr, Mya-Rose Craig, James Lovelock, George Monbiot, Gail Bradbrook, Robert McFarlane, Winona Laduke, Thich Nhat Hanh.

This magazine unites two long-standing, thought-leading publications - the Resurgence magazine, which was born in 1966 out of the peace movement, and The Ecologist, which was first published in 1970 as an academic journal. The Ecologist contributed to the formation of the Green Party and Friends of the Earth and also played a crucial role in diagnosing the environmental crises that have become all too apparent today.

The Ecologist has spearheaded social, scientific and political ecology while Resurgence has pioneered cultural, artistic and spiritual ecology. Having merged in 2012, these magazines are now united as one strong voice for the once disparate green, social justice and wellbeing movements. A subscription gives you access to the complete archive of each of these ground-breaking publications.

In a world of political turbulence and environmental challenges Resurgence & Ecologist is an invaluable resource for any institutional library.

Latest Issue

As a global pandemic triggers systems failure of the global economy and the climate emergency challenges our very survival on the planet, the time to act is now.

But what can we do? Catherine Early speaks to Christiana Figueres about being a ‘stubborn optimist’ in the face of climate crisis, and in Keynotes we feature an extract from Figueres’ book, ‘The Future We Choose’, co-authored with Tom Rivett-Carnac. Harriet Lamb highlights climate solutions from across the world, and we visit a young activist taking a stand in India.

In the Ecologist section, Brendan Montague discusses what is really behind the spread of Coronavirus – capitalism – and George Monbiot talks about connection. In Arts, poet laureate Simon Armitage tells Huw Wahl about his new environmental poetry prize.

We hope this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist brings you hope and energy. We are all connected, and every action matters.

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  • First Issue: Resurgence, Vol 1 No 1 - May/Jun 1966
  • Latest Issue: May/June 2020
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