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Selvedge magazine offers the world's finest textile photography and unparalleled design. Every issue features stunning imagery and in-depth commentary, offering readers insight into the fascinating uses of fabric by cultures around the world. Users will receive instant access to the complete digital archive, serving as inspiration for students.

Published every other month, Selvedge is a must-read for makers, designers, artists and creatives.

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PATTERN MASTER Angeline Masuku: Zulu Basket Weaver | A GOLDEN HARVEST Naomi Hobson at the Australian Tapestry Workshop | RICE ROCKET Straw Crafts and Sacred Ropes in Southern Japan | HELLO DOLLY The Highs And Lows of the Corn Dolly | TURNING STRAW INTO GOLD Straw Embroidery | DRAWING STRAWS Thatching: A Fibre Art | YELLOW A Difficult Colour | AUSTENTACIOUS STYLE Regency Bonnets | A BEE IN YOUR BONNET New York’s Straw Hat Riots | LEADINGLIGHT Alvaro Catalánde Ocón Shines A Light On Artisan Skill | BALE HOUSE Straw Architecture

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