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Selvedge magazine offers the world's finest textile photography and unparalleled design. Every issue features stunning imagery and in-depth commentary, offering readers insight into the fascinating uses of fabric by cultures around the world. Users will receive instant access to the complete digital archive, serving as inspiration for students.

Published every other month, Selvedge is a must-read for makers, designers, artists and creatives.

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EARTH Textiles and the root cause

ON AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE Tintoria di Quaregna EARTH PIGMENTS Heidi Gustafson A RATE OF KNOTS Mrinalini Mukherjee SACRED ROBES Monks and natural dying GRASSROOTS Diana Scherer’s exercises in root system domestication A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS Nigel Atkinson’s exploration of cochineal SHOW OF HANDS RaasLeela’s hand stitched clothing DEEP ROOTED Samuel Snider TAKE THE STING OUT Nettle weaving LO—TEK Design by Radical Indigenism HUNG BY A THREAD Caroline Achaintre FLY THE NEST Social Weaver Birds HEADS UP Nathalie Seiller Dejean BASKET HOUSE Nicole Robins LOGWOOD LADIES Buro Belen A NEW YOU Ghana and identity A FULL HOUSE Corinna Saargood HEAD SOUTH Travels in Guatemala FLOWER POWER Ukrainian designer Vita Kin OLD BAGS Zacharias 1925 UNDER CANVAS History of tents INTO THE BLUE Indigo HAT IN HAND Eliurpi

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Research Areas: Fashion & Textiles

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