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If you've been feeling that the newspapers, magazines and websites that you read don't quite get you - well, that's why we set up Spear's. Spear's has been described by Ben Goldsmith as 'a cross between Forbes and Vanity Fair' - and that's a pretty good place to start.

Spear’s is a multi-award-winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand. Our magazine, which comes out every two months, is read by the most successful people in Britain, from heirs and entrepreneurs on the Sunday Times Rich List to London's top lawyers and bankers.
 Contributors have included HRH The Prince of Wales, entrepreneur Luke Johnson, Anne McElvoy of The Economist and dandy-about-town Nick Foulkes. We regularly cover topics like private banking, innovative philanthropy, the art market and luxury travel, all written for grown-ups.

Latest Issue

Wealth and its discontents are very much a theme in issue 79 of Spear’s. As prospects of a wealth tax play on the minds of policymakers worldwide, we look at the arguments against it, and how the relationship between the public, governments and the world’s wealthiest people might evolve.

Elsewhere, we chart the rise of what we are calling London’s ‘Savile Row of wealth’ – the network of boutique wealth managers and private investment offices that have sprung up over the last 25 years. Our cover story is by James Ashton whose new book, The Nine Types of Leader, analyses various styles of leadership. For Spear’s James takes a closer look at the ‘Scion’ – a figure, he argues, who is often unfairly stereotyped. The cover illustration, meanwhile, is by Bob Venables, after Monty Python’s Life of Brian. There’s also a stunning photo-collage by Johanna Goodman and an illustration of Emirates boss Sir Tim Clark by Matthew Laznicka that captures the glamour of aviation’s golden age.

We are also blessed with several first-class, exclusive interviews – all with very different figures. Emma Manners, the Duchess of Rutland, speaks about her new podcast; Sean Bean reveals a secret love you’d never have expected; and Michel de Carvalho – the former child star and Olympian who married into the Heineken brewing dynasty – explains why he’s as motivated as ever in his work as a wealth manager. We also warm up for backgammon season with Nick Foulkes, discover what the army taught Simon Akam about leadership as he researched his controversial new book, and meet the makeup entrepreneur-slash-art investor, Bobbi Brown.

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  • First Issue: September / October 2013
  • Latest Issue: Q2 2021, Issue 79
  • Issue Count: 47
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