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In a market swamped by the journalistic equivalent of fast food, Standpoint offers the discerning reader a feast of great writing. Its core mission is to celebrate our civilization, its arts and its values — in particular democracy, debate and freedom of speech — at a time when they are under threat.

Standpoint provides an opportunity for a fresh, truly international cast of writers to explore the timely and the timeless. It offers a guide for those perplexed by the 21st century and a running commentary for those who are happy to embrace it.

In a world of rapid change, Standpoint is an indispensable resource and companion.

Latest Issue

• Kowtow: the other pandemic from China. Our cover story highlights the creeping constraints the Chinese leadership imposes on both the supposedly free societies of the West and the captive nations of the People’s Republic—notably the Mongolians, Tibetans and Uighurs. Silenced inside Xi Jinping’s empire, we are glad to offer them space and to highlight their plight.

• Education special: mental health in schools, the messy failings of teacher training

• Immune response: Samir Shah takes aim at shroud-waving sensationalists

• Louise Perry on trans prisoners; Nick Cohen on how defeat begets defeat for the Left

• Dispatches: Felix Light visits the tenacious Mountain Jews of Dagestan

• Nick Timothy’s diary

• Mark Lawson laments the closure of our theatres

• Maureen Lipman: fast-changing fashion and fraying patience

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