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STIR is a quarterly magazine that promotes new economic alternatives, exploring where the social economy, the commons and civic society come together. We feature original illustrations, long-form interviews, and in-depth articles that move beyond traditional political commentary to explore the inspiring and viable alternatives that present a serious challenge to the current political crisis.

Latest Issue

Beyond the individual in mental health and wellbeing – Sally Zlotowitz & Jenni Lloyd

“By focusing solely on the individual, ‘solutions’ obscure the impact of our current economic and social systems on our psychological health, essentially suggesting that we can all talk or think our way out of this mess.”

Building community markets — Dr Myfanwy Taylor, Dr Sara Gonzalez, and Frances Northrop

“This gentrification of markets has particularly negative effects for the most vulnerable groups in our society. Instead of public spaces which can be mobilised for public policy around health, social inclusion, or inclusive growth, markets are in danger of becoming financial assets for investors to extract profit.”

Vote Local, Get Trump? – Dan Gregory

“In leafy Richmond the council is exploring the “Richmond model”. Procurement and currencies which favour poorer communities are one thing. The same mechanisms in wealthy places are quite another.”

Unlocking Sustainable Cities: a manifesto for the climate emergency – Paul Chatterton

“Declaring a climate emergency at a city level is an important initial step in responding to current events. It sets a tone and sense of purpose. But the hard work starts after this.”

Cooperation Jackson – Hazel Sheffield

“Today Cooperation Jackson comprises a farm, a catering co-operative, a school and around 200 members, who have the opportunity to train for two years to become an anchor, and lead a new co-op.”

Green New Deal – Andrew Simms

“We have just 12 years, or even less, to take action to prevent climate breakdown… Can we do it? Are such rapid transitions possible? Some lessons from history might offer a few surprises.”

Undoing Sitting – Guy Lochhead

“In 1955, the American anthropologist Gordon W. Hewes identified hundreds of different resting poses used around the world … he said that this body of research was still limited, arguing that “the English postural vocabulary is mediocre – a fact which in itself inhibits our thinking about posture.”

Identity Marketing & the ‘Community’ brand – Tom Carman

“Rural development has made great efforts to put itself on the map and has managed to direct resources to people in need. However, there are some things we should question. Are these forms of rural co-operative development too closely emulating the structures and systems that are causing inequality in the first place?

Interview: Aditya Chakrabortty

“One of the big problems with policy-led economic change, is there remains a tension between and institution like the city council and the community it serves. The two are not the same.”

Feedback — Heather Mack

“At Stir to Action’s Playground for the New Economy Festival we are running the festival kitchen, serving a range of culinary delights that demonstrate the future of sustainable food.”

Want a New Economy? Get Over Yourself — Daniel Stanley

“The reality is, most people have no idea what the ‘new economy’ is, and we know very little of how they feel about the component parts. It’s as if we don’t want to ask the question, but without this we can’t see what’s holding us back.”

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