Successful Retailing in Museums

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Happy with your museum store sales? Or feel it doesn't generate as much income as it could? Get a wealth of practical tips and powerful insights from some of today's most successful museum store managers in this new, expanded, full colour edition of Successful Retailing in Museums. Leading museum retail professionals from the UK and the USA share the secrets of their success in this highly practical collection of essays. The contributors manage some of the world's most profitable, attractive and popular museum shops. The experiences they share are guaranteed to provide a wealth of new ideas to enhance your shop’s income - and your customers’ satisfaction – while still fulfilling your museum’s mission.

Successful Retailing in Museums will show you how to: 1 Take simple actions guaranteed to increase your visitor spend. 2 Use merchandising to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction. 3 Ensure your store is both ethical and sustainable. 4 Grow your sales - even when trading conditions are against you. 5 Develop your brand. 6 Prudently develop new products to delight your customers.

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