The History of Medicine

Gill Davies

The Worth History Series  

Standing back and surveying the development of mankind on Earth, it could be said that virtually nothing has affected human history as much as disease and death. Man has challenged this with medicine. The story, heroic as it has been, has been one of slow and painstaking progress. Nevertheless, tremendous strides have been made through the persistent endeavours of brilliant individuals, the confluence and cooperation of various crafts, occupations and activities, and the alliance of theoretical knowledge with practical skill.

The History of Medicine lays out the infinitely complex jigsaw puzzle of the history of medicine in a linear chronology, encompassing biological evolution, lethal pandemics, large-scale social change, and the parts played by pioneers from Hippocrates, through Versalius and Pasteur, up to the doctors and scientists of today. Additionally, it provides more detailed information on diseases, diagnosis, treatment, public health, surgical techniques, as these developed from earliest times right up to the cutting-edge advancements of today.

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  • Author: Gill Davies
  • Editor: Dr John Cule
  • Publisher: Worthpress
  • ISBN: 9781849311458

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