The Makers of the Modern World Collection

The Makers of the Modern World provides the framework for a comprehensive re-evaluation of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919–20, organised round a series of biographies of the peacemakers that have been specially commissioned from an international panel of experts. All aspects of the peace settlement are included ... and the scope of the project is as global as the events that it addresses, many of whose consequences are still with us.’ David Stevenson, Professor of International History, London School of Economics

A thirty-two volume boxed set, The Makers of the Modern World is a monumental look at all the signatories of the Versailles treaty.

‘In victory, magnanimity’ was the motto of Churchill’s history of the second world war. These books are a sombre confirmation of its wisdom, and required reading for any one who wants to understand how the world has got where it has.’ Jonathan Sumption, The Spectator

‘What makes this series an important contribution to the historical literature is the careful attention devoted to persons and events not only in Europe and America but also in the non-Western world, and the illuminating demonstration of this critical turning point in modern world history shaped the rest of the twentieth century and beyond.’

– William R. Keylor, Director, International History Institute, Boston University

‘The most comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the peace conferences and their repercussions...It draws together a most impressive array of scholars.’

– Gordon Martel, Professor of International History, University of British Columbia

Series Editor: Alan Sharp.

Alan Sharp is Emeritus Professor of International History at the University of Ulster from which he retired as Provost of the Coleraine campus in 2009. His teaching, research and writing has focused on 20th-century international history and British foreign policy after the First World War, with a particular emphasis on the making and implementation of the Treaty of Versailles, on which he is an internationally recognised authority.

'Required reading for any one who wants to understand how the world has got where it has...[Sharp] is a notable authority on the international relations of the period.' Jonathan Sumption, The Spectator.

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