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The Philosophers’ Magazine (TPM) is devoted to publishing philosophy that’s clear, enlightening, thought-provoking and even entertaining. The contributors are professional philosophers, many of international standing, who take care to make themselves understood. TPM is edited by the philosopher and writer, James Garvey.

Our recent contributors include Simon Blackburn, Mary Midgley, Peter Unger, David Benatar, Ernest Lepore, Havi Carel, Holmes Rolston III, Nicholas Rescher, Annette Baier, Brad Hooker, Ernest Sosa, Duncan Pritchard, Sarah Bakewell, Stephen Stich, Jennifer Saul, Paul Snowdon, Michael Ruse, Simon Critchley, Barry Stroud, Jonathan Ree, David Papineau, Helen Beebee, and Ray Monk. We have published interviews with Kwame Anthony Appiah, Ronald Dworkin, Martha Nussbaum, Peter Hacker, Kit Fine, Elliott Sober, Frank Jackson, Patricia Churchland, Richard Sorabji, Christine Korsgaard, David Chalmers and Rae Langton.

Each issue features a themed forum, with several philosophers weighing in on such things as embodied cognition, experimental philosophy, Chinese philosophy, moral luck, the meaning of life, religion and human enhancement. There’s also philosophy news, book and film reviews, and features on all things philosophical.

TPM is read by those who want a philosophical perspective on the world and our place in it, who appreciate depth, clarity, and good philosophical writing.

Latest Issue

As our world changes, philosophers are starting to think things through. What moral issues are raised by Covid-19? Is now the time to rethink our economics, our politics, and our relationship to the natural world? All this, plus a lot that will take your mind off it too -- reviews, columns, and reflection on such things as the aesthetics of tattoos and philosophy as akin to professional wrestling. I think therefore I slam? Descartes might not have approved, but we do.

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  • First Issue: 1st quarter 1998
  • Latest Issue: 2nd Quarter 2020
  • Issue Count: 89
  • Page Count: 9,413
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2048-4674

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