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The Point is a triannual print and digital magazine of philosophical writing on contemporary life, politics and culture. At the center of each issue is a symposium that draws together various perspectives on a question of cultural importance (e.g., What is privacy for?, What is marriage for?, What is prison for?). Beyond the symposium, readers will find essays, interviews, reviews, and intellectual journalism on a range of engaging topics.

Our award-winning essays—about parenting and poetry, love, literature, addiction, Instagram, protest and politics—are united by a commitment to the open-ended exploration of experience, and by their respect for our readers’ intelligence and curiosity.

The Point is one of the rare journals that introduces the best of the academic humanities—analytic rigor, critical engagement with intellectual history—to a wide audience, without compromising accessibility or elegance. It is an excellent resource for students and educators, and our articles are becoming more widely used as readings in college classrooms. Our archive features contributions from many distinguished scholars (including Martha Nussbaum, Slavoj Zizek, Robert Pippin, Raymond Geuss, Harvey Mansfield, Christine Korsgaard. Kathryn Lofton and Brandon Terry).

Latest Issue

Elisa Gonzalez on race and testimony in the novels of Marilynne Robinson

Jon Baskin on the Biden presidency and non-ideal theory

Nora Caplan-Bricker on the real-estate murder mystery

Daniel Silver on the clash of the gods: Bourdieu vs. Dewey

Michelle Taylor on Patricia Lockwood’s fusion of the sensuous, the silly and the sublime

Harrison Stetler on Richard Hofstadter, Mugwump

Zachary Fine on Hardwick, Lowell and the shame of literary tourism

Komozi Woodard on the past and future of Black nation-building

Greg Jackson on private truth and public language

plus fiction from Pola Oloixarac, translated by Adam Morris

and excerpts from Forms of Life

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  • First Issue: Issue 1, Spring 2009
  • Latest Issue: Issue 24, Spring 2021
  • Issue Count: 24
  • Page Count: 4,912
  • Published: Tri-annually
  • ISSN: 2641-9408

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