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For over a century, the Times Literary Supplement has been the world's leading cultural magazine, with essays and reviews on the most significant books, ideas and art of our times. We are still proud to be publishing the best and brightest writers about the broadest range of books and ideas. And we believe that the audience to read it is larger, and hungrier for information, than at any point in the last 116 years. Every week you’ll find over 40 reviews and essays, from Shakespeare to Schopenhauer, popular theatre to political theory. According to Le Monde, the Times Literary Supplement “has no rivals”. According to Noam Chomsky, it is “provocative, stimulating, irritating, informative”. To anybody interested in the life of the mind, the TLS is indispensable.

“The Exact Editions TLS interface is remarkably easy to use. It allows the user to infinitely adjust the various parameters, resulting in a bespoke reading experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” - Dennis Patterson, Professor of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers University.

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This week Paul Griffiths looks at Mozart for us, and finds an abundance of love, truth, grace and beauty. Catherine Taylor reviews the posthumous memoir of working-class writer David Storey, a coal-miner′s son spared from the pit by a thoughtful father; and David Edgerton reviews a history of British mining, and its steady decline. Felix Waldman reveals a recently discovered manuscript casting new light on John Locke. Margaret Drabble considers the work of Cesar Pavese, and D. J. Taylor explores the idioms of obituary writing. Plus much, much more.

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  • First Issue: 1 January 2010
  • Latest Issue: June 17 2021
  • Issue Count: 577
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  • ISSN: 2517-7729

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