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The Wire is the world's leading independent monthly music magazine. The first issue was published in 1982. More than four decades on the magazine remains committed to reporting on a dynamic global network of underground, alternative and experimental musics by publishing journalism and photography by some of the subculture’s most original and authoritative critics and observers.

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The Haxan Cloak, DJ Znobia, Linda Smith, Ariel Kalma, Billy Bultheel, Lumpeks, Yasuhiro Morinaga, John Pope, Invisible Jukebox: Kahil El’Zabar, Epiphanies: Edward Ka-Spel on Faust, The Inner Sleeve: Teresa Winter on Saint Etienne, Global Ear: Santiago, Unlimited Editions: Thanatosis Produktion, Unofficial Channels: The Blindboy Podcast, and in the reviews sections: Allison Burik, John Surman, Univers Zero, Techno Animal, Le Guess Who?, rap in Britain and much more.

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  • First Issue: Summer 1982 (Issue 1)
  • Latest Issue: March 2024 (Issue 481)
  • Issue Count: 480
  • Page Count: 43,488
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2059-6502