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The World Financial Review is a bi-monthly journal bringing you features on major world political issues, international relations and economic affairs.

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Browse articles by top scholars, economists, consultants, senior executives, and global leaders. Take a look at writing that provides revelatory analysis straight from the experts, with a unique blend of indispensable insight and emerging ideas across a vast range of topics and themes that resonate worldwide.

An International Audience

Join our international audience of leaders and their teams in large and multinational companies and organisations, and policy makers in NGOs and government institutions. Our readers are investors, both individual and institutional. They are bankers, both private and corporate. They are economists, both macro and micro. They are opinion makers who influence the way millions think and perceive the world in which we live.

Shaping the World

Our writers reveal the dynamics and mechanisms that are the drivers of the financial and business markets, and explore the underlying trends driving global financial and business behaviour.

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The World Financial Review provides a powerful anchoring of your brand prestige. Our advertisers know that The World Financial Review has no rival.

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The World Financial Review publishes innovative perspectives on issues that have significant influence in the world globally. We welcome research, ideas, opinions and insights on finance, economy, leadership, management, history and philosophy.

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Latest Issue

Where’s the Risk? Global Intelligence for Business Decision-Making, Interview with Alexander Sehmer, Falanx Assynt’s Director for Geopolitical Intelligence

Head for the Summit in Colombia: Peak Investment Potential at CIS 2020

Tragedy of More Missed COVID-19 Opportunities, Misguided Policies, Virulent Strains, New Waves,and Lost Years

The Importance of Consumption Policy During Recession

Rebooting Philippine Tourism from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being Prepared for Surprises to Happen: Huawei as a Black Swan?

AI (Artificial Intelligence): The Italian national strategy revisited

The Rise of the Chinese Economy and Growing Concerns in the United States

Location, Location, Location: Be Careful Where You Start A Legal War

Exporting Western Rule of Law through the EU

The problem with oral agreements – the ongoing battle between PCP and Barclays

Time for securitisation to be a friend and not a foe of the NPL hit banks

Investor sentiment remains positive, but concerns remain surrounding Government’s COVID response

The RSS, ‘Hindutva’ and Rising Attacks against Muslims in India

Growth that Celebrates Inequality

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  • First Issue: December 2010 - January 2011
  • Latest Issue: September - October 2020
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