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Wanderlust is the UK’s leading magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers. Founded in 1993, Wanderlust combines the right mix of wildlife, activities and cultural insight – not to mention inspirational writing and photography – packed with truly impartial information and fresh ideas.

How far can you travel on £250? How about a week on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, a long weekend In Jordan, or six days in Kosovo or Morocco – just a handful of the budget adventures undertaken by Wanderlust readers for our 25 trips under £250 special feature. Find out how they all got on (including one rescue by coast guard) in our trial issue.

Also in the trial issue are two true trips of a lifetime: a 14-page guide to visiting Antarctica, and TV naturalist Mark Carwardine’s account of meeting mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Plus, exploring Israel, walking the new Wales Coast Path, city guides to Calcutta and Vilnius, and a visual guide to taking a Japanese steam bath (remember: naked is normal!).

Latest Issue

Travel Photo of the Year 2018

It’s that time again! Our judges have scoured thousands of your entries to narrow down the finalists of this year’s travel photo competition. Turn over to see who’s won the commission of a lifetime to Hong Kong and Macao…

The Comoros Islands

Remote and aromatic, impoverished and chaotic, Comoros is the Indian Ocean archipelago you won’t find in the brochures. But that makes it all the more intriguing…

Alternative Travel Classics

When visiting the world’s travel icons, it pays not to follow the crowds. From tracing the River Nile to camping on the Great Wall, we reveal how you can blaze a different trail…


As the world moves on, Kyrgyzstan’s nomadic culture appears under threat. But in Central Asia’s magnificent mountains the old traditions still find a way to survive…

New Brunswick, Canada

Canada’s Bay of Fundy is the best place in the world to glimpse the endangered North Atlantic right whale. We set sail, hot on its trail…

On sitting still in Zambia

Author and journalist Simon Barnes meditates on the blissful benefits of not doing, not searching, not moving, not exploring – just being in a special place, and understanding why it’s special

Gear of the Year 2019

Our resident gear expert and her panel of judges have once again tirelessly prodded and probed to uncover the best kit to accompany your adventures. Drum roll please for this year’s winners…


A trip to the Deep South worth over £3,000 with Grand American Adventures, and a trip to Montréal with Collette worth over £3,750

Plus…First 25 hours in Osaka, Japan; Short break in Matera; Turkish cuisine; Malta vs Madeira; Go now, Rio; Dream sleeps in Brazil; Living bridges; How to digital detox, and lots, lots more…

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