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Wanderlust is the UK’s leading magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers. Founded in 1993, Wanderlust combines the right mix of wildlife, activities and cultural insight – not to mention inspirational writing and photography – packed with truly impartial information and fresh ideas.

How far can you travel on £250? How about a week on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, a long weekend In Jordan, or six days in Kosovo or Morocco – just a handful of the budget adventures undertaken by Wanderlust readers for our 25 trips under £250 special feature. Find out how they all got on (including one rescue by coast guard) in our trial issue.

Also in the trial issue are two true trips of a lifetime: a 14-page guide to visiting Antarctica, and TV naturalist Mark Carwardine’s account of meeting mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Plus, exploring Israel, walking the new Wales Coast Path, city guides to Calcutta and Vilnius, and a visual guide to taking a Japanese steam bath (remember: naked is normal!).

Latest Issue

Wanderlust Travel Hot List 2020

Need inspiration for your next adventure? From unspoilt Albania to promising Pakistan and the ‘new Zimbabwe’, we present 15 essential destinations to visit over the next year


Deep in the remote forests of northern India’s Dudhwa NP, the elusive tiger stalks in the shadows. But can our writer break his ‘big cat curse’?


Georgia may be known as the birthplace of Stalin, but the country will enchant you with its historic beauty, rolling green hills – and especially its wine

Wrangel Island

Journey to Russia’s Far East and step back in time to the Ice Age to uncover the last place where woolly mammoths roamed and see hidden wildlife gems like the polar bear


Nestled in the Colombian massif in Huila province, the Magdalena River is home to Latin America’s largest necropolis and a lost civilisation shrouded in mystery

Dispatches: Leon McCarron

On a journey into remote central China, the adventurer and travel writer encounters enthusiastic villagers, an unusual rice wine drinking ritual and a long tale about a scarf-wearing chicken

Interview with Kris Tompkins

Following on from the launch of Chile’s Route of the Parks project in Europe in September, the CEO of Patagonia clothing tells us how she helped start the world’s biggest conservation scheme


…a life of adventure with Exodus Travels – worth up to £20,000

…a holiday to Kuala Lumpur and Penang – worth £5,500

…a walking holiday for two in Portugal – worth £2,000

…a photography trip to Texas by entering our annual Travel Photo of the Year awards

Plus… a short break in Tenerife; Travel Icon: Cape Town, South Africa; Alpine cuisine; Costa Rica vs Belize; Go now: Aqaba; Dream sleeps in Peru – and lots, lots more…

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